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How it all began

Back in the time when Hendrix and the doors were the best acid tracks around, UV, zirkin and Barkash all in the same elementary class started experimenting in music, UV &Zirkin were DJ’ing and organizing rock parties, Barkash with another class mate were trying their power in disco parties, all in their home town Rehovot . Years passed and after the 3 of them traveled in different corners of the world, UV &Zirkin discovered electronic music and set their mind on doing something about it.

In 1996, After living some time in Amsterdam and gathering up gear, vinyls and some tapes they headed back to Israel with a party in their mind.

Together with Barkash the Doof Project was born: an underground party organization, making low-cost psychedelic trance parties in the Israeli deserts and forests.

The vibe and spirit of the good old days still lives in the Doof parties and we still make a few parties every now and then.

In the middle of 2001 after 5 years of partying, they realized that all the fantastic music they were making was only heard by a few hundreds of crazy trippers coming to the parties.

They decided it’s time to share this music with the rest of the world, and founded DOOF RECORDS that soon became known worldwide for its distinct psychedelic sound.

Few years later, as part of the trance scene progression, and the evolution in the musical taste of some of the home artists, Doof Records presented its musical offspring – DOOFLEX which is active since 2005  releasing lighter psychedelics.

At a certain point, a gathering of 1 night became too short. in 2004 Doof undertook organizing the Doof Festival on the shores of the magical Sea of Galilee.

This event brings together beautiful psychedelic people from all over Israel and the world for 4 days of music nature and smiles.

It is the only festival in Israel that last 4 days and the one of the few festivals behind which stands a record label. Talented DooF artists color the line up every year.


In the spare time, UV completed his Ph.D in nanotechnology and does research in UCLA, and Zirkin is developing his musical career as well as working on his PhD in biology (He’s the oldest dude in class…)

Barkash is our computer specialist, working as a system administrator in a large computer company and goes sky diving whenever he can take a break (This dude is crazy!).