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MaGaya Crew

Within the big Doof festival you will find a magical little village called MaGaya.

MaGaya is a family (roy (fritzi) fridman, yoav halevi, parastu naji, haim hersberg, nimrod (nimi) harel, hadar

schindler) that gathers to create a meeting point between the different parts of society with a smile, to empower

the human encounter beyond all the daily veils of illusion, by connecting the worlds of the spirit with those of the

matter, by celebrating, bringing hearts together and sharing oneness.




MaGaya comes to life as a zone with a rich musical array, new age content, workshops and ecological décor

showing mother earth at its most marvelous. We invite you to celebrate life out of a sense of intention and not out

of a sense of confusion, to respect and revere the earth out of which we eat, drink and on which we dance.

The mother of life.