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DOOF FESTIVAL was born in 2004, being the only of its kind in Israel. UV, Zirkin and Barkash spend a few months every year dreaming and producing it.

Zirkin                             UV                             Barkash


Doof Fetival is produced purely by Women Power: Tehila, Zohar and Dana. 

Tehila, huge dreads, huge smile, huge heart, was a figure on the dance floor since the first parties. A world citizen, a traveler, She is a treat on every dance floor around the world. Tehila is exploring new places and every year at the end of the winter reports dutifully to produce the family festival.

Zohar was adopted to Doof Project somewhere in the end of the 90'. Based in Amsterdam since 2000, she comes every April to share some tasks off the DooF crew, taking care of the artist and the family in between. On the last day she "lays her hair down" and goes on stage for the Zirkin Dance Show. After the festival she disappears back to her normal life in Amsterdam, usually til the next DooF festival.

Dana was hired to DooF Records as PR and became a part of the family. Dog trainer and ex dreadlocks maker, she is an active DooF worker and 1 of 3 women producers of the festival. On Doof 2012, Dana was fully pregnant, she went into labour during Rev's set and while the Zirkin Dance Show madness was going on, a healthy baby boy was born in a hospital near by. A real DooF baby. Was very exciting for us as a family Dana.

Tehila                             Dana                            Zohar

For many year we have the same loyal stage managers Omer and Avishay. Around the clock they are making sure the music keeps on going, that all Dj's are there on time, that all equipment is available. Both are also DooF Records Dj's: Omer from Entropy and Avishay FIsheye. 

Every year, since the beginning, we have friends who join us from abroad. Rense, Dale and Troy are an inseparable part of the doof festival. Troy aka Rev has been a friend for many years and released albums in the label. He is based in Amsterdam and as well as being a part of the festival line up, he comes to play also in smaller Doof parties.. To Rense, we owe a thanx for lighting up the dance floor. from his own initiative, he took care of a proper lighting system as well as being a few years the tone setting in the decor of the festival. Dale was a part of the building team every year, coming all the way from England. Last but not least is Amit, the  legendary Bar manager.. Every year he leaves Barcelona to come and be part of the DOOF


The space is short to mention all the beautiful souls who contribute to the festival. Be it our own friends or Doof friends, who are there from the beginning, or new friends who love to create and added to the character of this festival:
Building team, Decor team, Bar team, Kitchen team, Entrance team, Sound men, Djs, Volunteers. You know who you are, we cherish your contribution, THANK YOU so much.



 Omer                              Troy                             Dale                            Rense                                       Avishay                    Amit